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Preventing Fraud

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What should I do if I have lost my ATM/Debit Card?

Please contact the Bank immediately so that the card's status can be changed to lost or stolen. During normal business hours, please call (504) 522-3203. After normal business hours, please call toll free 1 (866) 546-8273.

How do I report fraudulent activity on my ATM/Debit Card?

Please contact the Bank at (504) 522-3203 as soon as you notice any suspicious and/or fraudulent activity on your account. After normal business hours, please call toll free 1 (866) 546-8273.

Identity Fraud

Government officials call identity fraud and theft the fastest growing crime in the nation. In addition to forging checks and documents, thieves will also attempt to obtain personal information such as social security numbers, driver's license numbers, credit card numbers and even birth certificates. With this information, a thief will open accounts in the victim's name for credit cards and loans with the mail diverted to a different address. It could take you months or years to learn that you are a victim with this method.

This page suggests ways you can guard against this crime and what to do if you think you may be a victim. We realize that some of these procedures and suggestions may be inconvenient but they can protect you from these crimes.

Guard Against Identity Fraud

Here are some ways you can protect yourself from this crime.

  • Remove all mail promptly from your mailbox - thieves raid mailboxes!
  • Guard your personal information - Do not give out personal information over the phone or the internet unless you initiated the transaction. If someone you do not know attempts to obtain personal information from you either by phone, email, mail, or in person, do not give out the information until you have the opportunity to verify the request. Immediately contact the business or individual supposedly making the request and ask for verification. Hibernia Bank will never request confidential information through e-mail.
  • Be careful with receipts - Make sure you have them when you leave the store or ATM and do not throw them into a public trash can.
  • Review your credit report from time to time - For a small fee, you can obtain a copy to review.
  • Destroy credit card offers before you throw them out - A home shredder is the best thing to use for any financial information being discarded.
  • Keep all account information and documents in a safe place - Especially new or cancelled checks, credit card statements, etc. Report any missing documents immediately!
  • Block your ATM transactions with your body - Keep the keypad from view to prevent someone from learning your personal identification number (PIN).
  • Remember all passwords and PIN numbers - The less you have on paper the less likely it is that someone will learn those numbers.
  • Be creative when selecting a password - Don't use obvious ones like the last four digits of your social security number, phone number, address, birth date, etc.

What to Do if You Are a Victim of Identity Fraud

  • Close your accounts at your credit card companies and financial institutions - The FBI even suggests that you put passwords on any new accounts you open.
  • Call the three major credit bureaus to inform them your identity has been stolen - Request that a fraud alert be placed on your file and that no new credit be granted without your approval. The three major credit bureaus are:
    • Equifax - 800-525-6285
    • Experian - 888-397-3742
    • Trans Union - 800-680-7389
  • Call the Social Security Fraud Hotline - 800-269-0271
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - 877-438-4338
  • File report with the local law enforcement - You may want to obtain a copy of the report in case you need proof of the crime at a later date.
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